Continuing to learn more about myself, others, history (especially Black history, not only because its my own, it’s also fascinating and moving), and love (always).

Love for your heart, music for your mind, and poetry for your soul.

“Truth is powerful and it prevails” -Sojourner Truth

Knowledge comes from within

It wells up like a spring, running towards the sun

Collecting valuables along the bays and various waterways

No ledge can contain its potential to overflow, then disperse,

reaching all the ends of the earth

Souljourner, tell your story: gently as rain, powerfully as the falls, swiftly as waves

“Coursing through my senses, he’s prevailing
Floating through the space of my design
Drowning me to find my inside sailing
Drinking in the mainstream of his mind
Filling up the cup of my emotions
Spilling over into all I do
If I only I could get lost in his ocean
Surviving on the thought of loving you ”

-Ms. Lauryn Hill

She’s an introspective revolutionary, confident, honest with others and herself. She knows her purpose and exactly what she believes, proud of being conscious and won’t apologize for it, yet humble and grounded in her faith. She speaks the truth as if her mind is a fountain of youth and everyone needs a drink in order to live absolute. She shares the treasures she found in every way she knows how, graciously.

My favorite things about Her

*One of my favorite worship songs having to do with Water=Life, that I’m always happy to sing out loud!

“The Spirit calls me, and I must go” -Sojourner Truth

Peace (Shalom, 和平, Paz),

Angeline R. Alcalá

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