About Angeline

You’ll see me through what I do and say, I’m changing everyday. This is my journey on display.


My purpose is to spread love and wisdom that I have acquired (not that I know everything, I’m just constantly learning) and make an effort to practice in order to connect with others. We may all have different beliefs as individuals; however, I am certain that many of us long to have a great purpose. I found purpose on my holistic journey with started off as a soul journey. Sometimes I quote or refer to scripture and other texts in my poetry because there is wisdom in the bible and other books that I have grown to appreciate. However, I am religiously spiritual (practicing spirituality consistently), no longer spiritually religious, though I learned a lot from that experience at the time.


All good things follow and come from the head and energy derives from source combined with the soul, which is a powerful thing. What we learn and apply is what will come out from us through whatever means we communicate (mouth, hands, body). I asked myself: what are you contributing to the world? I’m making every effort to contribute in kindness, joy, peace, truthfullness, and most of all, love.


Thank you for reading about and sharing in my holistic soul-journey. I pray for the best on yours. Peace and love. 💜


~Luna Jones~