FIGURES: a Poem with an Intro

Self evolution of one affects everyone.

Many Moons, Same Sun: “It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk this earth as though I had a right to be here.” -James Baldwin

  • This summer was a time of healing, growth, and reflection (diet changed along with thought patterns). I also had a blast and “got back to all my hobbies from the old days” (Do you know the song and artist? Comment below!). Really needed to take some time to do that and learn before sharing because it was an intimate and private thing with the Creator.
  • Now I am creating again, with more passion than ever because life is too short to withhold anything. So this is where I was soon after college graduation: lost, confused, and a bit broken. That may sound crazy but that’s the truth. I’d elaborate but I like writing in phases like the moon. There’s always more to come.
  • The process to get where I am now and where I’m going wasn’t/ isn’t always easy, yet I am happy and at peace because my soul is growing, my spirit is alive and my mind is active. There is no limit to what you and I can achieve or manifest. Please believe that and watch out for the signs. ~These lyrics stay on my heart: “Life is all about the evolution, you can dream but don’t neglect the execution. Time is short, that’s what somebody told me. Too short to keep following your homies.”

Image result for total american eclipse 2017 pictures08/21/17

(This Poem was started months ago and completed days ago..)

I know who they wanted me to be but who am I? 

I am the tree by the lake that gives and takes

I am the sun rays you feel when you need real appeal

I am the moon at night, that glows with the energy of light


You are plenty of things to me

You may be a friend and/or family

You may be someone I used to know but can no longer reach

You are a contributor, provider or unassociated with one another

That could mean much or nothing at all to you. 

here’s what you need to know, you don’t deserve to be discredited for being who you really are and embracing your individuality. 

Dear reader, You are a gem found within a garden of lies and deceit 

You are real, who told you that you ain’t perfect

You are real and you’re seen 

Even if it’s hard to believe, you are loved. 


Your Reality,

You are worthy. 

Search. Know. Own. 

Your worth has always been there, just don’t let it go.

Kindly, let everyone know how you found it. 

That’s profound and healing will keep you grounded

All the while, your soul ascends and your spirit branches

Destinies manifest through prayer and dedication

The ALL hears petitions in repetition, you are known.  

-Light, love, and life,

  Lunajones (a. k. a. Angeline)

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