My Afrolatinidad; Angeline Alcalá

Check out my guest contribution on! It was a pleasure writing for my beloved afrolatina community 💕



#IAmEnough asked me to write about my “Afro-Latinidad“; once I started, every-thing started to flow out of me in parts and it became a collection of sorts, like a sacred project. I said of course, because this is sort of newly discovered /confirmed and a huge part of who I am. This is so empowering to me. It’s an important part of my soul-journey, 

I’m grateful to share it in art forms: writing, singing, dancing, reciting, rapping (this is still new to me) especially through praise and worship. I encourage you to know and love yourself (more) as I’m learning how to do so myself. 

A perspective I recently encountered in my soul is:

Deconstruct in order have a foundation to build on

When I deconstructed my virtual reality of what makes me Latina. I found the true reality: I am Afro Latina! (

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