Finally free! (New Poetry coming soon)

I was inspired to write again and share because you never know who needs to read what you have on your heart.

So, this last semester of undergraduate studies had me real tied up. But last friday I graduated with my BA in Linguistics, Spanish concentration (praise God) and currently taking a break from job hunting as I write this. There’s always work to be done, you know how it goes.

Have you ever felt chained? By your thoughts, people’s opinions, societies standards, your appearance, etc. I’ve been in chains without even knowing it until I felt like I wasn’t truly being myself. Then I decided to apply what I learn as much as possible. This semester: I cut my hair 💇🏾and stopped straightening it to embrace the way I was created (at last), made new friends and strengthened old friendships 💜 (by the grace of God: that’s not always easy), and went after my dream of being a performer 💃🏽🎤(auditioned and was called back to be a Shine performer for AMTC)!

Along the way, it was rough, still is sometimes. I make mistakes and have many ups and downs; but God is with me, guiding me through it all. I recently relearned that strong spiritual friendships save me from myself and encourage in the ways that I can’t manage to on my own. I pray that if you don’t have these relationships, that you find them and if you do, be grateful and continue to give. As life goes on this has been resonating with me more: “I want to grow. I want to be better. You Grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear.” -Tupac Shakur (can’t wait to see the biopic!)

Thank you for reading ✨Feel free to comment and ask questions. 💛

~Angeline R. Alcalá

6 thoughts on “Finally free! (New Poetry coming soon)

  1. I needed this comment. I just made a decision to spend more time with friends and to get closer relationship. It is great to have people in your life that you can talk to and you can listen to. Continue to reach your dream and to develop yourself to success!!


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