Im happy to have met such a graceful woman of God who thinks on the same frequency as I do when it comes to spirituality and nature. Her ideas and artistry bring Glory to the Most High. Amen sister!

Hope Lavender


Uni. Verse.

One verse. Only one.


That turned into stanzas.

Stanzas, got me standing in awe of nature’s lyricism.

With one cord, the cords of my DNA recorded the texture of my hair.

Hair strong like my muscles, I choose to run.

Run into the arms of the pastures as the fingers of grass massage my temple.

My heart whispers prayers to my temple to pass words to unlock the night.

At night, I pray to Jesus Christ, he’s just so extraordinary.

Oh so, extraordinaire at placing the stars on the BLACK canvas.

Our bodies are God’s canvas.

Stars are made up of us.

We are made up of stars.

Stars all pointing to the North Star, towards our Savior.


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