In Honor of Women Making History:

You’re welcome to share your story about something you overcame or you’re still overcoming. I’m happy to share mine too.
☀️Psalm 16:8

Soul-journer, love your story💜

~Women (we) deserve respect. With what we all have to go through and all the variations of mess we deal with. Women shouldn’t have to hesitate to embrace their strengths and thrive. You are enough. You are capable!

~Women of noble character are to be honored. We may be imperfect, emotional (well I am), and wild (sometimes); but we’re  so much more. You can rise above anything that may be bringing you down and soar; because you were “fearfully and wonderfully made”.


The way a Woman can

classically delight yet

elaborate in empowering her (kin)g,



the ones who recognize

divine presence


commands to be experienced,


in any atmosphere

Weather, he or she

comprehends her

habitual patterns and

continual changes

under hair,

inner wear, there is

a light being.

(She)ds truth,

what is.

what could be.



Earth= (take the last letter and put it first) heart,

bone=(take the b, following the rest, could stand for): from one boy, two humans who become one,

if they choose each other in admiration

Whether, with a partner, on her own,

or God alone

She is

Embellished essence,

meant to behold

and beheld

-way of a woman


     As a 21 year old woman, daughter, sister, and friend who still has a lot to learn and grow in; I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything in the world. Own your journey, no one can do that quite like you.

~Let’s stand together and build each other up because when we can, we will.

   ✨Peace, A.R.A.

2 thoughts on “In Honor of Women Making History:

  1. …”habitual patterns and continual changes”…I agree that we are in constant change. And the way you used metaphor to explain and a the same time encourage women is great. This poem is a piece of art.


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