“Endeavors Started With Eve” Collab 💥

  • Excited to share my first collaborated piece! Here’s to a new year, new pen name, learning and trying new things. ✨ #poetic #perspectives

 Endeavors Started With Eve             -Angeline R. Alcalá 🌙

Realizing the real eyes of ancestral pride, realized in my own like a seed
We, the human race, produce fruit from the good or evil roots that grow into creeds

So yes, at times
What we want ain’t in tune with what we need..

Or is that just what they want me to believe?

Whether or not that’s the case

I believe in the face of fate

“What is meant to be, will be

After winter must come spring, Change comes eventually”

With my whole being; I push, prod and plead to inspire the fullness of the divine deitys’ lead in me
Heeding to aspire and focus all efforts towards the true prize

But what about what lies right ahead of me?

Will I succumb to failure because of lies?(Like the slithering creature does, deceiving them to die)

Sometimes, Im my own worst enemy

Now I know the need to be my own ally.

In Eden, they had a choice

In freedom, we have a voice

With knowledge running through veins, our brains choose fight or flight

Even with innate sin within; the deep darkness allows for light
God bless those who encourage with true guidance and support

Spreading real love is a lifestyle and we must pass that torch

Instead of blame and complaints, speak in love flames to warm the soul and spark a lasting restart in a receiving, restoring heart.


🌤“Endeavors Started With Eve” Response

-Aaron Ball ⛰

What if I told you Adam was an Atom? And Eve’s Genes created him?

What if I told you her genes created


Her genes swimming through human veins like, Manatees.

But ever since Adam ate that apple, we had to get that “manatee”.

All men come from


No really
All men come from


Show me one who hasn’t.

Because I’m still searching 👀
Searching like God as if he were the search engine browsing for Adam & Eve in the Garden.

After searching
I found so much

about truth.


lots about how we think language is absolute.

And the dictionary definitions of light & darkness serve no justice.


1. Source of illumination, brightness

2. purity, clean


1. The partial or total absence of light, wickedness

2. impurity, dirty

Did anybody ever ask who delegated the power to create reality through words?

Did we really all forget Genesis chapter 1 that fast?
Did we really all forget God’s spirit hovering over the darkness?

Did we really forget both light & darkness seep through these terrestrial bones, as Gods spirit breathed life into human bodies?

Did we really all forget that God is dark matter?

Did we really all forget melanin is condensed sunlight?

Have we truly all forgotten that humanity started with Eve’s Endeavors & Adam was a by product of her divinity?

I don’t know, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


From Noah’s Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky

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