A Years Reflection and Release

“Let go and let God” 

Poetry 💟

     Helped me heal and understand life over and over with out fail and has allowed me to find peace in a creative way countless times.

     I’m planning to take it to a new level and have been working on perfecting this craft even though I haven’t been posting lately. I’ll continue sharing because if it connects with one person, that’s enough for me. 

Personally 🛐

     The lessons I’ve learned this year have been of the kind that you either take and make a difference with or throw in the trash and keep breathing but not truly living. 

     It’s never easy to make a difference but it’s always worth it, so I choose to invest in what really matters for the long run. What we do in the here and now is essential for the future. I’ve learned again that attaining wisdom is more beneficial sooner than later.

People ☯️

     Are people. Will be people. And we can be beauties or beasts. I’m not even trying to quote Disney, that’s straight up reality. However, people are usually not as bad as they may seem or completely good all of the time. It’s a matter of how we deal with our “demons” or if we deal with them at all.

     We naturally coexist with the universe and with our inner selves like yin and yang. The dream is for everyone to coexist with eachother in that same beautiful way. 

Psalm 8 ~ We are all royalty under the ☀️ 

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