The King of kings

I found a lot scriptures for the lines in this poem. Starting with:
1 Timothy 6:15-16
Ending with: Psalm 16:9-11

If you have any inquiries on other scriptures this is based on, please don’t hesitate to ask!

To belittle the truth is to either consciously or subconsciously, make it appear worthless

The truth is absolute. Knowing it and obeying it in its entirety makes us better and all the more blessed.

Knowing it and disowning it puts us in denial, makes us like Belial

demons recognize but reject the living God and work for the most low


So how can we say no to the Most High if we claim to know Him?

Though many don’t know Him, He’s always willing, His people are able, and He does show them.


It is Pure POTENT light, the power of the gospel.

Since Christ’s love compels, we shall propel, in order to expel darkness from our lives

in need of healing from the Great Physician to be well ✨


I wont dress up the truth with diamonds and pearls, that’s unnecessary, it’s the greatest gem the soul can find..

K(no)w Them, in trust: if we live in Him and He in us, the snake of hate/ lies flat, falls behind


The Lord of lords, Our rock, the foundation of faith who is mighty to save; the all knowing God 

rules with glorious grace and answers your call, before and after you fall, so that in due time, you see Him face to face…

He is the truest song; therefore, I long to always be and rest eternally in His sovereign embrace.

“No wonder my heart is glad and I rejoice”.. forevermore:

You are immense love in ultimate splendor!

The King of kings, highly enthroned, 

is coming back to call us home

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