*Positive Energy*

The world needs more genuine positive energy. The kind that actively spreads love and doesn’t back down or give up when push comes to shove. If you have peace, please spread it. If you have love, go give it. It’s such a good gift!


(What you have is more than enough)

Enough with jealousy, enough with lies

If you believe the debris in your head, your confidence dies

Free the mind! and control your pride.

Once you know how wonderfully you were designed

You’re no longer blind, so leave the doubts behind

There are two sides to every story, live on the side of light

If you lay down your burdens, your soul will be bright

Not always as the sun, like the moon in the night

Only the Son of God illuminated the entire earth with His shine

From an earthly point of view, if He were the moon, we’d be the stars

Gravitating, while radiating His energy in each other’s hearts


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