PaulusNation (1/21/16)- (8/31/2016)


Searching yours, in my mind

Intuition inclined

Trying hard to find

Those words lingering behind

The tall tasks of the day and the small talk (without the praise)

Fill my head like swarming bees, screaming, “me, Me, ME”!

i repel the empty things

You see, i’ve never been stung; been bit, scratched, and bruised, but i’m still young

A direct attack that invades with pain may come; pushing through challenging tests like Job overcame is not the same for everyone

May in someway be for everyone, at one point or another

But is it In Us to be strong and push through this?

Or are we comfortable with pleasant bliss?

*Only The Most Highs’ promises can be totally trusted, not just kind words from others

A small girl or boy with their whole life ahead, going for, aspiring; a check after check

And this is what We must know: We can’t question every trial with alarm and scorn; difficulties can perfect opportunities

for God to provide, move, and help Us grow

There’s a bigger picture, more to it than what’s now shown…

God prevails in empty beings.

Sweet child in bloom, whether visited by a hummingbird or bee, receive the visit and soon you’ll see

Growth is in you and all around; once we were like tiny seeds, now We aspire to be, larger than trees

The mindful bees pollinate Us, multiplying beauty

They work for He who is larger than life, who sets us free

No more, inhibition! No weapon shall prosper; pick some fruit, if you please

3 thoughts on “PaulusNation (1/21/16)- (8/31/2016)

  1. There are people who are really mindful of others. They think about the stomach that is empty, the heart that is hurting and the head that has no place to rest at night. If we look at the bees, they never stop working. Day and night they are hard at work pollinating, sharing and dividing the work among each other. “The mindful bees pollinate Us, multiplying beauty.” That really stayed with me. Great job !!

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