🌧Grievance and longing are primary concepts in many brains, with every passing Day

🌤Guidance and light is what we may want, much of what We need 💬

sadly, so many of us sit in silence as someone, somewhere cries and bleeds

Now there’s a war waging inside of me..

hearts get tugged but minds need inclining to rise above the norms and do more than just surviving

¡Stand Up! Communicating perspectives and understanding views helps us learn, continually renew, mind And souls obtaining total truth

¡Move Forward! ¿are we simply focused on Our time, the time, or many a times with-out going forth to climb, fighting at the battle line, while leaving baggage behind

.soul search. if You’re looking for eternal purpose, internalize the decision to become re/aligned with The Lords will

The time is now, God loved you since conception and God loves you still.



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