coffee stop ☕️ 

coffee stop ☕️

time for my main source of caffeine

if only the prices weren’t so mean..

i usually dunk in on the lowest i can find
my bucks aren’t starred but i still stand in line
how they don’t accept coupons on campus still blows my mind!

while juggling books on my arm, cellphone in hand and rising stress
i observe others and think, “my life can’t be the only mess”

we’re all trying to get it together
& this is often where We’re together
i just hope that We come together, not only for the goods but in truly bad weather 🌪

now i ask for the best affordable, least diabetes prone cup possibile
while homie quickly sharpies daily plastic graffiti cuz some of us are hostile.

grabbed a cup decorated by sloppy name X, must be mine, mhmm, yep
things to do next, but i stop, sip, and breathe peacefully for a moment in time… ready, set..

wishing i could relax a bit but i’m on the go
so much on these tests that i’ve got to know
now if only this stuff could work miracles
i’d be breezing through every empirical

4 thoughts on “coffee stop ☕️ 

  1. Crazy how I can imagine me rushin through class period’s and doing and feeling much of what is written here. I live this one, your thoughts amazing. I can relate!!!

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