Life is Truly Beautiful

Originally written: 10/19/17, Modified: 10/20/17


~Yesterday, I cried in the afternoon just about as many times as it rained outside in the morning. Then I thought, I must be a reflection of nature from which I came. The current and eternal wave of consciousness I’m riding is called: “Life is beautiful“. Even though I hit the lowest of lows yesterday… I have so much hope because of where I’ve always seen myself in the future and no desire to give up anymore. I did and almost dwelled on giving up but I fought it, thank the Universe for guiding me out of that. These words aren’t even in my vocabulary anymore. Why should they be? When the going gets tough, the opportune time is right in front of me.

There was this lingering sense of sadness in me though. Maybe a feeling of uselessness or feeling unworthy, though intellectually I know I’m both useful (you are to: in changing the world for the better) and absolutely worthy of love, blessings, and abundance. What’s stopping me from total happiness and growth? It can’t be that I’m just self sabotaging all the time. Is there negative energy around me? Either way, I continue to purge and cleanse myself of my own negative energy often! I’ll fight seasonal depression harder than ever this year because my soul needs me to desperately. I’m too hungry for success to be defeated. Today, I’m victorious, nothing less.

Positive freequencies:


*light, love, and life,


“That was a long time ago, that was yesterday”  – Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

FIGURES: a Poem with an Intro

Self evolution of one affects everyone.

Many Moons, Same Sun: “It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk this earth as though I had a right to be here.” -James Baldwin

  • This summer was a time of healing, growth, and reflection (diet changed along with thought patterns). I also had a blast and “got back to all my hobbies from the old days” (Do you know the song and artist? Comment below!). Really needed to take some time to do that and learn before sharing because it was an intimate and private thing with the Creator.
  • Now I am creating again, with more passion than ever because life is too short to withhold anything. So this is where I was soon after college graduation: lost, confused, and a bit broken. That may sound crazy but that’s the truth. I’d elaborate but I like writing in phases like the moon. There’s always more to come.
  • The process to get where I am now and where I’m going wasn’t/ isn’t always easy, yet I am happy and at peace because my soul is growing, my spirit is alive and my mind is active. There is no limit to what you and I can achieve or manifest. Please believe that and watch out for the signs. ~These lyrics stay on my heart: “Life is all about the evolution, you can dream but don’t neglect the execution. Time is short, that’s what somebody told me. Too short to keep following your homies.”

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(This Poem was started months ago and completed days ago..)

I know who they wanted me to be but who am I? 

I am the tree by the lake that gives and takes

I am the sun rays you feel when you need real appeal

I am the moon at night, that glows with the energy of light


You are plenty of things to me

You may be a friend and/or family

You may be someone I used to know but can no longer reach

You are a contributor, provider or unassociated with one another

That could mean much or nothing at all to you. 

here’s what you need to know, you don’t deserve to be discredited for being who you really are and embracing your individuality. 

Dear reader, You are a gem found within a garden of lies and deceit 

You are real, who told you that you ain’t perfect

You are real and you’re seen 

Even if it’s hard to believe, you are loved. 


Your Reality,

You are worthy. 

Search. Know. Own. 

Your worth has always been there, just don’t let it go.

Kindly, let everyone know how you found it. 

That’s profound and healing will keep you grounded

All the while, your soul ascends and your spirit branches

Destinies manifest through prayer and dedication

The ALL hears petitions in repetition, you are known.  

-Light, love, and life,

  Lunajones (a. k. a. Angeline)

My Afrolatinidad; Angeline Alcalá

Check out my guest contribution on! It was a pleasure writing for my beloved afrolatina community 💕



#IAmEnough asked me to write about my “Afro-Latinidad“; once I started, every-thing started to flow out of me in parts and it became a collection of sorts, like a sacred project. I said of course, because this is sort of newly discovered /confirmed and a huge part of who I am. This is so empowering to me. It’s an important part of my soul-journey, 

I’m grateful to share it in art forms: writing, singing, dancing, reciting, rapping (this is still new to me) especially through praise and worship. I encourage you to know and love yourself (more) as I’m learning how to do so myself. 

A perspective I recently encountered in my soul is:

Deconstruct in order have a foundation to build on

When I deconstructed my virtual reality of what makes me Latina. I found the true reality: I am Afro Latina! (

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Poetry Passion

Poe-tree 🌳

Sprouted with words

Continued with rhythm

Speaks like music, straight to the soul

Comes from art in mind

“Use your heart, not your eyes

Always, end with love

                                    ~Angeline R. Alcalá

     This was the first poem I had ever written for my blog. I didn’t post it before because I thought it was too short, too simple, or boring. I don’t feel that way about it anymore. There are so many variations of art forms! We don’t have to fit a mold. We should, however, strive to give our all in whatever we do. Your heart knows when you’ve given the best of you (thank you rupi kaur). I have to consciously decide to be honest and vulnerable because when I’m not, I become miserable and can’t truly connect with people. When we’re afraid to fail, we hideaway and miss out on great opportunities.

     I found out that I didn’t get a job I needed because the interview didn’t go as planned, like at all. I’m grateful that I took the opportunity though because I learned from it. I applied for another job and will apply for more, maybe even the same one again later.

     Life goes on. I know what to do differently now and will use what I learned in the future. If I don’t choose to see things in a positive light, I could drown in sadness. Happiness or contentment aren’t always but can be decisions. I choose them over the opposite, every chance that I get. Let’s live everyday like it could be our last because tomorrow isn’t promised and life on earth is only a glimpse of eternity! At the end of the day, what is in your heart? I long to collect and pour out all the love that my heart is capable of.

"Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:13‬ ‭NLT‬‬

     -Much love, A. R. A.

(One of my favorite songs, that encourages the “I am enough”/ “I am light” mindset, necessary for soul survival and the confidence needed for success).

Finally free! (New Poetry coming soon)

I was inspired to write again and share because you never know who needs to read what you have on your heart.

So, this last semester of undergraduate studies had me real tied up. But last friday I graduated with my BA in Linguistics, Spanish concentration (praise God) and currently taking a break from job hunting as I write this. There’s always work to be done, you know how it goes.

Have you ever felt chained? By your thoughts, people’s opinions, societies standards, your appearance, etc. I’ve been in chains without even knowing it until I felt like I wasn’t truly being myself. Then I decided to apply what I learn as much as possible. This semester: I cut my hair 💇🏾and stopped straightening it to embrace the way I was created (at last), made new friends and strengthened old friendships 💜 (by the grace of God: that’s not always easy), and went after my dream of being a performer 💃🏽🎤(auditioned and was called back to be a Shine performer for AMTC)!

Along the way, it was rough, still is sometimes. I make mistakes and have many ups and downs; but God is with me, guiding me through it all. I recently relearned that strong spiritual friendships save me from myself and encourage in the ways that I can’t manage to on my own. I pray that if you don’t have these relationships, that you find them and if you do, be grateful and continue to give. As life goes on this has been resonating with me more: “I want to grow. I want to be better. You Grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear.” -Tupac Shakur (can’t wait to see the biopic!)

Thank you for reading ✨Feel free to comment and ask questions. 💛

~Angeline R. Alcalá


Im happy to have met such a graceful woman of God who thinks on the same frequency as I do when it comes to spirituality and nature. Her ideas and artistry bring Glory to the Most High. Amen sister!

Hope Lavender


Uni. Verse.

One verse. Only one.


That turned into stanzas.

Stanzas, got me standing in awe of nature’s lyricism.

With one cord, the cords of my DNA recorded the texture of my hair.

Hair strong like my muscles, I choose to run.

Run into the arms of the pastures as the fingers of grass massage my temple.

My heart whispers prayers to my temple to pass words to unlock the night.

At night, I pray to Jesus Christ, he’s just so extraordinary.

Oh so, extraordinaire at placing the stars on the BLACK canvas.

Our bodies are God’s canvas.

Stars are made up of us.

We are made up of stars.

Stars all pointing to the North Star, towards our Savior.


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In Honor of Women Making History:

You’re welcome to share your story about something you overcame or you’re still overcoming. I’m happy to share mine too.
☀️Psalm 16:8

Soul-journer, love your story💜

~Women (we) deserve respect. With what we all have to go through and all the variations of mess we deal with. Women shouldn’t have to hesitate to embrace their strengths and thrive. You are enough. You are capable!

~Women of noble character are to be honored. We may be imperfect, emotional (well I am), and wild (sometimes); but we’re  so much more. You can rise above anything that may be bringing you down and soar; because you were “fearfully and wonderfully made”.


The way a Woman can

classically delight yet

elaborate in empowering her (kin)g,



the ones who recognize

divine presence


commands to be experienced,


in any atmosphere

Weather, he or she

comprehends her

habitual patterns and

continual changes

under hair,

inner wear, there is

a light being.

(She)ds truth,

what is.

what could be.



Earth= (take the last letter and put it first) heart,

bone=(take the b, following the rest, could stand for): from one boy, two humans who become one,

if they choose each other in admiration

Whether, with a partner, on her own,

or God alone

She is

Embellished essence,

meant to behold

and beheld

-way of a woman


     As a 21 year old woman, daughter, sister, and friend who still has a lot to learn and grow in; I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything in the world. Own your journey, no one can do that quite like you.

~Let’s stand together and build each other up because when we can, we will.

   ✨Peace, A.R.A.

Quisqueya Bella

Feliz dia de la independencia Republica Dominicana! Happy independence day Dominican Republic! Had to post this today, better late than never!

Diciembre 27, 2014/ Revised February 27, 2017


Hay belleza

Belleza en todo…


La veo en las flores

En los niños crecidos

La huelo en la comida de mi abuela

Y los colores brillan, presentes en la gente, tienen

Arte, Historia, Naturaleza: oceano, montañas, y plantas


Oigo música de memorias

Veo pequeños preciosos

Banderas de celeste y rojo

Cruces albas y palabras sabias

Voces en canción y riza, cuerpos en ritmo


Amor hoy y mañana

Familia, amigos, veamos lo que no siempre se aprecia,

para esto estamos, con corazones alegres, libremente apasionados


Beautiful Motherland

There is beauty

Beauty in everything…

Her flowers full blown

In children full grown

The smell of food in her home with

Colors in every tone:

Everywhere, even through the phone

Nature, Art, History:

ocean, mountains, and trees


Music bringing memories and joy

Meeting pretty girls and boys

We see flags of blue and crimson

Cross of ivory and words of wisdom

Rhythm in strides, voices in song, laughter

Love today and after

Friends and family,

Let’s discern what you and I don’t always choose to perceive,

This is why we are here, and our hearts are happy, bonding freely


~Angeline R. Alcalá